Triped™ Game Changer

Why is the Triped™ a Game Changer?

The Triped™ innovates as it is both REALISTIC, COMPACT, LIGHT and ROBUST, which makes it a MULTIFUNCTIONAL accessory that can be used on all surfaces to develop both athlete's individual SKILLS and INTELLIGENCE of the game.

takto triped tripod trépied sport hockey drill entrainement equipment acccessoire bas du corps lower body

A Real Opponent!

The Triped™ mimics an opponent's lower body for more realistic opposition. The Triped™ forces the athlete to analyze distance, speed and solution. If the pass is imprecise, if the control is imprecise, if the speed is imprecise, if the feint is imprecise, the Triped™ wins!

Other realistic accessories on the market are mostly expensive, heavy and very bulky, in addition to being specific to a single functionality.

Triped™ Characteristics

Thanks to its flexible head, the Triped™ can be opened to the desired width and height, then closed in a compact form, easy to store and transport!

takto triped caractéristiques caracteristic

The Triped™ Can Do Everything!

The Triped™ is flexible, whether for intense training, warm-up, one-on-one or plyometrics, the Triped ™ can be arranged in a thousand ways!

Coaches Love It!

Not only does the Triped™ help coaches develop the technical skills of their athletes, it allows them to practice game concepts and strategies. The possibilities are endless!

And no more accessories to carry around! The Triped™ is multifunctional that can serve as an obstacle, target, goal, marker, warm-up accessory, delimiting an area and much more...

Besides, the Triped™ is light to move around and doesn't require bending over to pick it up!

triped takto exercice exercise
takto triped coach tripod trépied sport hockey drill entrainement equipment acccessoire

Works On All Surfaces!

The Triped™ can be used on natural or synthetic turf, ice, sand, asphalt, gym court, and more...

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